Sunday, August 29, 2010

My 4yo, The Fibber

GASP. My son just tried to pull a fast one on me. I know Gavin is old enough to tell lies, or 'fibs' if you will. But the little guy is getting downright sneaky about them now!

Today, I ask him what he wants for lunch. He says "Maybe cereal, or ice cream or somethin'. Ice cream. I think so. I'm hot." I was like yeah right little dude. Food first, then ice cream. So I settle on cheese pizza (which I KNOW he will eat). I take 1 piece (of Papa Johns pizza) and cut it in half, giving Gavin the front part (he doesn't like the crust) and Gage the rest (he'll eat anything). I leave the room for a few minutes and he runs to me and says, like he's SOOOO proud of himself, "Mama, I ate all my pizza." He didn't even mention the ice cream I'd promised (this is how good he is) but I was proud of him for eating all his food so I go to see if Gage is finished eating so they could both get some ice cream.

I look down at Gavins plate and notice he had the crust off the pizza in his plate. Now normally I'd have thought Gage just put it there when he'd gotten finished BUT, I look over and Gage is still eating. How is that possible? Gage had the part with the crust right? If that's the case, and the crust is lying in GAVIN'S plate, why is Gage still eating. One would assume he had finished his half right? Oh yes. My sneaky little guy took advantage of his little bro's never-ending appetite, let him finish his food, putting the crust in his plate making it appear to the untrained eye that he'd eaten ALL of his food therefore making him eligible for the the said ice cream.

How you make me laugh, my sneaky little guy. You're no match for me though, my little one. Oh no. Mommy's not dumb. Your plan was good, but you made some mistakes. One being trusting your brother wouldn't tell. When I was asking him if he fibbed, Gage held out the pizza and said in a sweet voice, here's your pizza bubba, you want it? Muahahaha, the young one turned on you didn't he? Don't mess with the mama boy, you'll get burned every time!

Oh by the way, he did get his ice cream. I gave in  because that was a really good one on his part. He really thought he'd gotten away with it! He tried. He failed.... but he tried nonetheless. He made me laugh so he deserved the ice cream. Next time I'll stick to it and wont give in. Next time definitely. Heh.