Monday, June 28, 2010

Castles & Crowns 20% discount

The owner of Harrisons Halloween 100% cotton baby costumes, Tricia, is offering my readers 20% off ANYTHING in her store! Her website is Just take a look at some of the adorable things she has:

My boys would LOVE these superhero capes

How freakin' cute is this? This is one of her own brand :) 

This headband is beautiful. Could be used for dress-up or weddings. 
And it's only $3.99! 

These hair clips are great. I think I might actually buy some for myself and my nieces!
Oh, and did I mention they cost only a dollar? Yeah, better go get some fast!
The tutus are adorable! I so wish I had a girl to dress up in these! 
And they're very well priced at around $20

These are just some of my favorites from the store. If you love these or anything else, enter code sillyboys20 at checkout. Also, if you sell online, you can get a special below wholesale price on the Harrisons Halloween costumes which retails for $29.99 for only $4.50! For more info, visit Harrisons Halloween costumes blog.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ignore this post!

Hey I'm just testing something out... don't mind me! Nothing to see here :)


Have you ever had one of those moments where someone unexpected drops by and you're completely unprepared? Yeah, I had one of those this morning.

Let me start by going back to last night... I really meant to take a shower. I did. I just got busy doing other things and forgot. Then Hubs came home from work at 11:30. We watched tv together for a bit and then, ahem, stayed up until 1 or 1:30. Which usually happens and is ok with me. I don't get to see him often so it's nice to spend "quality" time together whenever possible. I don't mind the late nights at all! That is, if the kids sleep all night.

At about 4am Gavin comes to bed with us, which he usually does. He's been doing that almost every night since he could walk! Now, you would think a queen size bed would be big enough for the 3 of us right? Nope. He's a wriggler. Anyhow now when he sleeps with us (I keep an extra pillow at the end of the bed) I just put him in my spot and sleep upside down in the bed. It's much more comfortable and I'm usually the one that gets stuck in the middle and it's way too hot for that right now. Sorry my boys, mama's not snuggling when it's 90 degrees!

Anyway I got off track there. Gavin for some reason had a terrible time sleeping so he is tossing and turning until 6:30. I know we should've just gotten up but I was exhausted after only 2.5 hrs of sleep. So I just doze off when Gage gets up at 7! He's not going back to sleep so we get up, I fix him some juice and we cuddle on the couch and watch some cartoons.

At about 8 I hear the doorbell ring. I'm thinking 'oh no, who could that be?' I run into the bedroom to find some kind of shorts to put on (I was only wearing a shirt!) I peep outside and see my neighbor, looking fabulous like she always does! I barely crack the door open so she doesn't get a good look at me. I desperately need a shower, I'm wearing one of hubbys old wife beater shirts (no bra mind you), My eye are swollen from lack of sleep, I swear I must have looked like something right out of a horror movie! I was mortified. I usually don't look that bad, I promise! I had just had a rough night.

She tells me that she's late for work, her car won't start and she needs some jumper cables. I tell her I'd get hubby up and send him over. Well it turns out that my hubby, who loves working on cars, is a great mechanic (that's not what he does for a living but he's great at it!) doesn't have any jumper cables. I'm like What The Heck? What kind of man that builds a sports car from the ground up, that can fix anything car related doesn't have jumper cables? I thought everyone was supposed to have a set. So he's refusing to get out of bed so I have to throw my hair up, grab a gray tank top (I did remember to put a bra on!) pick Gage up (at least I remembered him too) and slide on some blue flip flops while going out the door to tell her we didn't have any jumper cables.

Note: I have no idea why we haven't exchanged phone numbers so I could call her but we just haven't yet.

On my way to her house I look down and notice that I'm wearing a gray tank top, pink shorts, and blue flip flops. Oh, and deodorant and teeth brushed? You can forget about that. I mean, I haven't looked this bad in forever! I literally just rolled out of bed, made a sippy cup, turned on cartoons, and fell up on the couch. GREAT. What is my very well dressed and Diva looking neighbor going to think? I mean this woman has a daughter that is around 16 and the first time I saw them, I thought they were sisters! She is always looking like perfection. Even when hubby had to go help her start her lawnmower and she was getting ready to mow she looked fabulous! Her hair was done, makeup on. She was actually wearing sunglasses at 8 o'clock this morning! I have never seen her anything less than perfect. She's super nice by the way which made me feel that much worse.

I figure it's too late to turn back now so I head on over and tell her that I was sorry but we didn't have any. She was very polite about it and I recommended the only other neighbor I knew. As we were walking down her driveway, I was a little ahead of her and saw her look down at my pink shorts and blue shoes, I thought I was going to die! She of course didn't say anything and we walked back to the house. Now it seems hilarious that I worried that much over how I looked but at the time I was SO embarrassed!

Have you ever had one of those moments? Please share your embarrassing stories with me :) (It'll make me feel better!)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I got sunburned

And the crazy thing is I almost NEVER sunburn. I've been sunburned about 4 times in my life! And I was only out by the pool for an hour.

gotta love the racerback tan line

Monday, June 7, 2010

Please help the Emerson family get on Extreme Makeover Home Edition

There is a family that lives in my area that are truly the most deserving of a new house than anyone I could think of. Everyone is trying to get them on Extreme Makeover Home Edition. We could really use your help. Whether you know them or not, this family has been through so much. I wish all of you had the opportunity to meet Amber. She is so wonderful, sweet and inspiring. Here is her story from their facebook page:

ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is casting for deserving families in North Carolina and the Emerson Family, of Madison County, is the right family to win this! With a family of four and several animals - space is not the only factor in their eligibility to deserve a new home! Among the four is a beautiful eight year old girl, who is an inspiration to all for her survival story. At only the age of 10 months, she was in a freak accident causing over 90% to be burned, scarred, and graphed. She is among the youngest and most severe burn survivors, to this day, worldwide. Three years post burn, one of her primary caregivers, her father Dave was diagnosed with stage one emphysema and while still knowing that wasn't all - he was also diagnosed with Muscular Sclerosis a year later. This family has pulled and stuck together, stayed strong in their faith, and maintained a so called "normal" life. With those two personal stories, there are also several material reasons they are more than deserving of a new home! Amber has prosthetic legs, a power wheel chair, and a manual wheel chair and as residents of NC we all know the land is all but flat in our region. Mobility for the two has been affected greatly due to the uneven terrain, steps, and doorways. Also, unfinished ramps and walkways. There are many modifications that are not only necessary, but are left incomplete due to lack of time, funds, and physical energy. We created this group to ask for your help (to be nominated), your support, and your prayers. If you would like, please feel free to add personal stories of your encounters with the Emerson family - and also any reasons you think they should receive the home makeover as well. 

Amber and her sister Grace
Her family does SO much to give her a normal, happy life. She was in my niece's dance class several years ago and to see her in her wheelchair up on that stage dancing and smiling was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! I know almost all of my followers don't know this family, but I wish you did! Please go check out their facebook page and see for yourself why they need this. There are pictures of the house on there that shows the need they have and there's also pictures of beautiful little Amber on there as well. Please help if you will.
We need as many people as possible to help get Extreme Makeover's attention. You can send an email to, Post why you think the Emerson's deserve this makeover on the Extreme Makeover, home edition's facebook page and there are also some posts on the discussions page of the page too.