Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: I miss summer

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mama, I'm bored... AT 4am...

Another real quick post: Been up since 4am. Woke up with all the lights on and Gavin standing over top of me. Asked him what he was doing so he shrugged and said "I was bored..."

Hubby and Gage got up at 6 and guess who was still snoring in my bed? Gavin. (Oh, and yes there were 4 of us and a cat in the bed last night. Not good.) So you know me and hubby HAD to do it. Any other frustrated and very tired parent would too I'm sure. We totally went and jumped on the bed hitting him with pillows screaming "GAVIN, WE'RE BORED!!!!" :D If we have to be up and miserable I'm thinking the one that did it should be up too right? You know I am. Too bad he wasn't mad at all. A tiny part of me wanted to make him suffer but being the happy, laid back, sweetie he is of course he woke up giggling! Aaand that's how our day has went so far. Time to get him ready for school. Praying Gage takes a nap later lol. Have a great day!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Please tell me I'm not the only one that does this:

Ok, it's obvious me and the boys have tons of fun. We love being silly, loud, and crazy. Who doesn't right? So I've started a new game in the car called "Dance Party!" It's taking a little longer to get Gavin into it because now that he's 5 and in school he's too "cool" for that kind of thing.

So anyway finally got him to do it today. Here's what we do... all will be quiet, we're driving home from school with the radio on and I randomly scream out "DANCE PARTY!!!" then everyone in the car has to dance. When I yell "Dance Party's over" we all stop, take a break then do it all over again. We were getting pretty wild today, I'm not gonna lie! I really hope I'm not the only crazy person that does this but if I am... now you know about it and you should totally try it. Tons of fun and the kiddies LOVE it!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Gummibar La La Love to Dance review

The boys and I recently had the opportunity to review the Gummibar La La Love to Dance CD. You may have seen the Youtube video. If not I'll warn you now: It's addictive. I watched it 7 times in a row and sang it for a week afterward. Enjoy!

The only thing that kind of disturbs me about the video is the little green gummy bear shaking his jiggly butt with his crack showing but of course my boys thought it was hilarious so it could've been worse!

We happened to get the CD in the mail on a day that my 9yo niece was staying the night so she was very excited to help us review it. All of the songs were very cute and catchy. Gavin made us listen to it over and over and they all had a great time dancing to all the songs.

My nieces favorite was "Cotton eye Joe". She also told me to write "I liked it. It was very good!" So there ya go, no more needs to be said haha.

If you want to check out the songs, you can listen to them at You can buy DVD's, CD's, or download songs individually. I personally would love to get one of the ringtones!

Disclaimer: I received this product for review. The opinions and views are solely my own. (Well and my kids!)   

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My car is still dirty

It's sooo warm today. 74 to be exact so I thought I would take the boys outside while I cleaned out my car. Well I tried cleaning the car anyway. That counts for something right? Heh.

Within the first 20 min I had to pump up the tires on 2 bicycles, the boys fought over the bicycles. Gage cried. He wrecked one of them. Cried. He fell over something (i dont know what), hurt his finger. Cried. Walked right into the open car door. Cried. Fell out of a chair trying to climb a tree. Guess what? He cried. I gave up & we fed the fish instead. Now he's asleep :)

I did get a few pictures before he got mad at me because I wouldn't let him fill up a bucket with pond water so he threw said bucket INTO the pond. That was fun trying to fish it back out. Oh and I haven't seen the duck in about a week guess he found a girlfriend and flew the coop. Or he got eaten like the last one :(

Here's the pictures I got along with a few from yesterday. Happy Spring to you all!

Aww they're friends

Who knew turtles love cat food? Lol!

Our tiny fishies (blue gill I think?)

Catfish anyone? Never thought about catching one to eat.
Hmm... nah they're huge but I'm not sure how they'd taste

The kids love it when they do that!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Date night!

Me and hubby have a date night planned for this weekend. I'm so excited because it's been forever since we've been alone. Together. For a whole day. (I can't even remember what that's like!)  BUT today he had the nerve to suggest that since it's going to be warm this weekend that we keep the kids at home and work outside. I DON'T THINK SO! We never get time alone so kids are going to mamaws, I'm buying a new pair of shoes, we're going hiking (hopefully the somewhere on the parkway but anwhere will do as long as we're outside) and then to a movie and dinner. I stay at home and work everyday. NOT doing it this weekend. The yard can wait till next weekend. I promise.

And yes, I'm buying a brand new pair of shoes just to get dirty hiking in them. I don't own a pair of good walking shoes anymore. My shoe collection consists of super cute boots, heels, and the good ole flip flops. May need to buy 2 pair then :) I'll use any excuse to buy shoes. Wouldn't you? I think so.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

I am a terrible mommy. I started 2011 off with a lie. I'm going to feel guilty about this all year. Well, probably not but I do feel bad.

I had been promising the kids all week that they could stay up till midnight and do the New Year thing. They'd never done it before and I thought it was time. We planned on playing candyland and snacking into the wee hours of the night. I made cute little platters with shrimp and homemade cocktail sauce, a veggie and chip platter with dip (I'm so proud of them though. They didn't touch the chips but I had to fill it up with carrots twice.They actually like veggies!) I did the whole deal wanting it to be special.

Didn't happen. They ate some carrots. Hubby passed out on the couch (He went to work that morning at 3am so he was exhausted). The kids were starting to get cranky. Especially Gage, he was up the night before from 3-5:30. And then I had an idea. They can't tell time. They have no idea it's not midnight yet. Gavin had been asking for the past 3 hrs if it was New Years time yet. Would it be so bad if I pretended it was midnight? Hmmm. I thought on it for an hour and then Gavin asked if it was time yet. Now he's a smart guy so I couldn't just say yes and that would be it. He'd see right through that. So I said we have 3 more minutes. We did a fake countdown and at exactly 8:00pm we jumped up and yelled 'HAPPY NEW YEAR!' I feel bad I really do.

Anyway, we scared hubby awake and he asked if it was really midnight. I said 'Yep'. He says 'No it isn't'. (Lol, poor guy.) I said, 'Yes. It is.' *wink wink*. He said 'Ohhhh, Happy New Year guys!' Both boys gave me their first kiss of the year (Haha. ME. Not daddy. That made me feel good!) And they went to bed happy. They had no idea but I know what I did and I still feel bad. I almost got caught though. As I was putting Gavin to bed he says 'Mama, we didn't get to see the ball drop.' (shoot) I told him we missed it because daddy was watching something else on TV. He was satisfied and said maybe we could watch it in the morning. I DVR'd the last 4 min. so he could watch it.

 Hubby went back to sleep and I spent New Years Eve alone. And my first kiss of the year? Well I wasn't thinking about it because I was alone but I heard some fireworks going off downtown so I went outside to see if I could see them (It was too cloudy). I picked the cat up so he wouldn't run outside and by habit kissed him on the top of the head. Yep, Ogberd the evil kitten was my New Years kiss. I don't even like him that much. So my New Years Eve party was a flop but I woke up this morning both boys were snuggled up in bed with me. Hubby was still on the couch, lol. He never woke up. He must have been really tired! He didn't even wake up whe somebody in the neighborhood was shooting off some sort of fireworks. To me it sounded like bottle rockets in a metal can. I have no idea but it was annoying. And loud.
I did make 1 New Years resolution but I don't know if I want to tell anyone else about it! I've told I think 4 people and they all say I'm crazy and it'll never happen. That's why I made it. To challenge myself. I have until my birthday, mid July, to accomplish it so it's possible. It's ridiculous and far fetched but I guess if I tell you all about it then I will try harder... Ok, here goes. I will have a 6-pack by my birthday. I know. Crazy right? Losing weight. Fine. But a 6-pack? Yep. I was in great shape when I met my husband. Yes I was 16 and that was 10 years ago but still. I used to do 600 crunches every night. I don't think I can do that now. My challenge is that I have this arthritis to deal with. Which is hard on my back and hips. Probably not going to be able to do many crunches. I'm going to try my best though. Hubby thinks I'm insane but he's on board with the eating healthier and working out part so I'll have support. Wonder if I should challeng him to see who can do it faster? Nah, he'd win hands down. When we met he was like 4% body fat. He knows how to buff up from his wrestling days. I don't need to loose much weight really. I'm not worried about that. Just toning. And if I drop a few pounds along the way great! I'll post more as I go along. I might even do before and after pics. We'll see! Wish me luck. And feel free to make fun of me. Everyone else has! Or join me. That would be even better! Happy New Year. Here's to a fantastic 2011!