Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gages first (real) haircut

Gage got his first real haircut a few weeks ago. I meant to post this right after I did it, but just havent had time so here it is...

I'd given him a couple haircuts before. A little off the back, a trim around the ears, that sort of thing. But he'd never had 'the little boy' haircut.

When I did Gavins (who had a ton of beautiful little curls), I wasn't that upset. I guess it was because I was pregnant with Gage at the time and knew I'd have another baby with cute curls. We actually stopped at the barber shop on the way to have the ultrasound done to find out that Gage was a boy!

Gage's hair had some curls but nowhere near as many as Gavins and it was getting that wild, frizzy look to it so I knew it was time.

It started out OK. I was attempting to do it by myself. I do Gavins so I thought no problem right? Wrong.

I was trying to leave it a litttle long. To cut just enough off so people would stop calling him a girl but keep the baby look. I started cutting and at first all was going well. Then he broke bad.

He started crying and let me tell you, this little guy has a temper so there's always screaming when he's mad.

I keep at it and realize there is gaps all over this poor boys head. So I enlist some help from my husband.His sole job was to hold Gage and keep him from squirming.It's not working.

I got this far and thought, this looks so terrible! I can't keep torturing him like this so... I have to get the clippers. I didn't want to. I reeaally didn't want to but I couldn't leave it looking like this so I get them out. While I was getting them out of the box, I had a meltdown. I started bawling! I come back and hubby says are you ok? I said in a pitiful tearful voice, no. He, of course laughs at me and says now let me take a picture of you crying like Gage is to put on your blog. I tell him to shut up and started shaving all my babys precious hair off.

  Here's all his baby hair :(

I cried the entire time I was  cutting. Like eyes swelling, hiccuping, sobbing kind of crying. I wondered why was I taking this so hard? I didn't act like this when we done Gavins, and he had a lot more curls than Gage. Then it hit me, this might be the last first haircut I do. We're not sure if we want to try for a third and I realized now he's going to look like a little boy. He's not going to look like my little baby anymore. It's tramatic when you come to that realization.

Anyway, I finished his haircut and hated it. I really hated it. I cried everytime I looked at him. He didn't look like my baby anymore. I hated it for the first week. Then it started to slowly grow on me. Now I think he's cute as a button! So does everyone else but it did take a lot of getting used to. Now I think I might want to try for a third so I might have a girl and not ever have to cut her hair that short!

Here's the before and after pictures so you can see why I freaked out having him change that much in a matter of minutes!

It was so hard to do but I guess it had to be done eventually. He'll always be my baby boy no matter how big he gets.