Saturday, February 20, 2010

Water, Pur and simple

I have been wanting one of the Pur water pitchers for awhile now but had never gotten around to getting one. I love to drink water but since we've moved into the new house I can't stand to drink out of the tap so I've been buying gallons of water.

I have never had city water before, only well water. So when we moved here, it was a big difference for me. I'm a bit more used to it now, but it still tastes funny to me. I remember growing up, I'd love to go outside to the well and drink straight from the spout. If you've never done that, you're missing out! It is the best thing ever! It comes out so clean and cold. It was great in the middle of summer to cool off while playing.

So I'd been eyeballing these pitchers and finally decided to just get one, I went to target online and they had the gallon dispenser for just $24.99. They also had the same price in store so I headed out and bought one.

I LOVE this thing! It took awhile for it to fill up, but now every time I get a glass full I just pour another cup of tap water back in. The kids even like drinking water now. It looks big, but it's pretty slim and fits really well in the fridge. I love the dispenser part. I'm glad I chose it instead of the pitcher. You don't even have to pull it out of the refrigerator. Just fill up your glass and go about your business.

They also have a flavor pitcher that I'd like to try. You can buy different flavors for it and it puts the flavor in when you press the button while you're pouring the water in. I think the kids would love that! Hubby might too, he's not a big water drinker.

Anyway, I'm so in love with this thing, I had to tell you all about it. If you don't have one yet, it's worth every penny!