Sunday, December 19, 2010

I need help!

I have a last minute school emergency and need some help! Well, I wouldn't call it an emergency really but now that I have your attention I do need some ideas!

So I have to take snack and volunteer at preschool tomorrow. I bought gingerbread cookies for the kids (a no-no because it's not 'healthy' but I thought I could get away with it for Christmas!) I was just looking at the lable a minute ago and it was processed in a plant that has tree nuts. There is a little girl in the class that is allergic to tree nuts. Peanut butter is fine, no kids allergic to that, but nothing with tree nuts. I'm not sure how severe her allergy is but I know her family and she was hospitalized this year for it (I think that's how they found the allergy). So I don't want to risk it. I considered taking something else for her and letting the other kids have it but didn't think that was fair. So i need help figuring out something else to take. I'm also taking strawberry yougurt and apple juice. I like to do things that are different. Almost every day I pick Gavin up I ask him what he had for snack and he says Goldfish or Cheez-its. Which I don't think is really 'healthy' but is accepted.

Funny thing is, this will be my 3rd time buying a snack for school this week! Last week I was supposed to do it but it snowed so we didn't have school and I let the boys eat what I'd bought. The teacher offered me Monday since you get $15 off tuition if you volunteer. Lol, I've spent way more than $15 in snacks this time! Anyway I could really use some suggestions.


Miranda said...

Jamie, what about taking the gingerbread AND maybe some sugar cookies or something or like the butter cookies that they have at Ingles? that way, you could do every other child gets one kind and every other child gets the other?