Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mama, I'm bored... AT 4am...

Another real quick post: Been up since 4am. Woke up with all the lights on and Gavin standing over top of me. Asked him what he was doing so he shrugged and said "I was bored..."

Hubby and Gage got up at 6 and guess who was still snoring in my bed? Gavin. (Oh, and yes there were 4 of us and a cat in the bed last night. Not good.) So you know me and hubby HAD to do it. Any other frustrated and very tired parent would too I'm sure. We totally went and jumped on the bed hitting him with pillows screaming "GAVIN, WE'RE BORED!!!!" :D If we have to be up and miserable I'm thinking the one that did it should be up too right? You know I am. Too bad he wasn't mad at all. A tiny part of me wanted to make him suffer but being the happy, laid back, sweetie he is of course he woke up giggling! Aaand that's how our day has went so far. Time to get him ready for school. Praying Gage takes a nap later lol. Have a great day!


Mya Maternity said...

Ahh, That is too funny.