Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Please tell me I'm not the only one that does this:

Ok, it's obvious me and the boys have tons of fun. We love being silly, loud, and crazy. Who doesn't right? So I've started a new game in the car called "Dance Party!" It's taking a little longer to get Gavin into it because now that he's 5 and in school he's too "cool" for that kind of thing.

So anyway finally got him to do it today. Here's what we do... all will be quiet, we're driving home from school with the radio on and I randomly scream out "DANCE PARTY!!!" then everyone in the car has to dance. When I yell "Dance Party's over" we all stop, take a break then do it all over again. We were getting pretty wild today, I'm not gonna lie! I really hope I'm not the only crazy person that does this but if I am... now you know about it and you should totally try it. Tons of fun and the kiddies LOVE it!


Becky said...

Haha - no, you're NOT the only ones. We do dance party, too. There's a ringtone on my phone that my daughter always yells "Dance par-tay" to. We also just love to dance in the living room to music. Right now, it's fun Christmas tunes. I LOVE the car game idea. I totally gonna do it. Visit me sometime at http://cinderelladuty.blogspot.com!

Mya Maternity said...

You aren't the only one who does this. I have done this for a few years with my kids. But yes my older son doesn't want me to do it when his friends are in the car. He quietly warned me about it. HAHA