Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ready for Halloween!

We're all ready for Halloween! I've got the treat bags made, decorations up, and costumes bought! I painted a big pumpkin, the kids painted their own little pumpkins. We paint pumpkins here. Carving is waay too messy and too much of a hassle for a 1yo and 3yo. I'll wait till they're a little older for that. They colored little Halloween pictures and we taped them up on the door. I downsized a lot from last year though. We've been so busy moving and stuff that I didn't really even think about Halloween until a couple weeks ago. Most of the decorating was done just this past week!

Gavin's going to be a cowboy and Gage is a monkey (which is his nickname so it fits perfectly!)

 We're actually doing our trick or treating tomorrow. I go back to the town where I grew up (the rest of my family still lives there) and all the businesses downtown set up tables and give out candy. The Church, Sheriffs dept, and the courthouse gives the best ;) There's even a shop that gives out dog bones. Every year I tell them I don't have a dog, and every year they throw one in with the kids candy anyway! Kinda gross but a nice thought :)

Usually they do it on Halloween and since it's on Saturday this year I thought it would be perfect so hubby could go help me with the boys but for some strange reason, they're doing it on Friday. He has to work so I guess it's just me, my 2 boys, My sis, her 3 kids, PLUS her 3 foster kids! Whew it's gonna be a handful. My SIL sometimes goes with us, I'm not sure yet if she will this year.

I guess it's kinda good they're doing it on Friday, that means we can dress up again and go back out Saturday. Or stay here and give out candy to all the other kids. I'm sure Gavin would love to see other kids come to his house and say 'Trick or Treat!' They get way too much candy anyway. My mom,sis, and sis-in-law all make treat bags. As does my aunt. Then they get a load from the shops downtown. Usually the bags are overflowing by the time we're done. We take and extra bag to dump it in when the kids gets too full.

Last year they had so much, plus Christmas candy right after that, I just threw the rest away around Easter this year! My kids actually don't like candy all that much. They must get it from me. I don't like sweets too much. It's a good thing but we waste most of the Halloween candy.

I always half my kids candy with my dad! He has a major sweet tooth so it cuts down on how much my kids get and it gives my daddy something to munch on!

Have a very safe and


Mommy Bear said...

Aww they look so cute in their costumes! Have fun and happy halloween!

Mass Hole Mommy said...

SUPER cute! I painted pumpkins with my kids, too. Mine are 5 and 2! My 2 yr old is also going to be a monkey this year.

fancygrlnancy said...

They look so cute!! I am so bad we don't even know what little man will be. He's only 17 months so he won't know and by sat night I will have something..

Team Pitney said...

Your bous are adorable. My kids have to hide thier candy from ME! I have the sweet

Crissy said...

Your boys look TOO cute! It's my daughter's first Halloween so I'm very excited!

Zoey said...

I love those costumes and I think it is pretty funny that you get dog bones every year even though I agree it is a little gross.

The Graves Family said...

they look SOOO cute in their costumes!! :)

i would love it if you come and follow my blog !

Anonymous said...

Your son is such a cute monkey! My son was a monkey, too. So much fun!