Thursday, January 21, 2010

My stash

I haven't written a cloth diaper post in awhile so I thought I'd give you guys an update.

There's not really much to report. Everything's been going great, I haven't had many problems with it.

I am in LOVE with cloth diapering. I would have never thought I could be addicted to cloth diapering, but I am. I really actually enjoy it. Who could think anything to do with diapering is fun, but it is!

I've managed to slowly get a small stash built up. That has been the hardest part for me, getting the money to buy enough diapers. I guess it didn't help that I was very late in starting cloth. It probably would've been easier if I had started before he was born. But better late than never right?

The most addictive part for me is trying different brands. I love comparing them: different types (pocket, AIO, fitted, prefold, covers...), how they fit, the colors & patterns different brands have, how they snap. I'm on a mission to try every cloth diaper I can!

I've built up to 28 diapers, a mix of pockets, AIO's, covers, and fitteds. I also have a few prefolds and 2 wetbags. (1medium & 1 large). The picture only has 24 in it, I've bought a few since taking the pic!

I love the little boy patterns!

(The country, redneck part of me loves the deer camo and tractors!)

The diapers I currently have are:
1 BumGenius
1 GadBaby
1 Knickernappies
3 Smartipants
2 Fuzzi Bunz
1 Softbums w/ 4 inserts
1 Babyland
6 Nubunz
2 Three Monkeys
1 Monkey Snuggles
1 ES Baby fitted
1 Tiny Tush contour
2 WAHM fitteds
2 MSMDcb
1 Haute Pockets
1 Bumkins cover
1 Thirsties cover

So there you have it. I do need some more but I have enough now that I don't have to wash every day. 2 of the diapers are mediums and Gage is about to outgrow them.

I didn't think there was a cloth diaper store anywhere near where I live so I've been buying online. Which is more expensive with shipping and everything. But I was just told by someone on twitter who lives near me that there actually are a few here. She listed them and it turns out that one is actually 5 MILES from my house! 5 miles! Are you kidding me?! I've looked online for a local store and came up with nada. This store has a website and everything! I don't know how I missed it! I've refrained from going all week but I'm headed there tomorrow. I have a feeling I'm going to get in trouble there! I've never been in an actual cloth diaper store so I know I'm going to go crazy with the buying! They do have other things as well, they're an organic toy, clothing, diapering type of store. I can't wait! Wish me luck & hopefully it won't be the end of my marriage ;) LOL.. kidding. I'll have to control myself!

I leave you with a picture of Gage,
He doesn't look amused...