Friday, January 22, 2010


I have an update on my friend that was hospitalized yesterday for preeclampsia at 36 weeks. She went to the Dr. yesterday when they discovered she had preeclampsia & sent her on to the hospital. That's really all I knew until just a few minutes ago.

Her BP was 147/98 yesterday. It's came down some as did the swelling. She has protein in her urine so they're keeping her to keep an eye on that. They said the baby is fine, he looks to be a good size. They are going to do another ultrasound. She'll probably get to come home either today or tomorrow.

They are talking about possibly inducing Wednesday. Prayers for her and the baby. Also for her mom who's a wreck right now! I know I would be too!

Also a quick update on my papaw who's also in the hospital. He had the pacemaker put in yesterday. The surgery went well but didn't go exactly as planned. While the surgeon was putting it in, they found a birth defect that kept them from putting it where they had planned on, but they improvised and it all turned out fine. Hopefully he can come home soon too. Keep praying for him too please.


Krystal said...

Prayers for your friend!

I've been through preeclampsia twice, and it's nerve-wracking, but at least they know and can keep an eye on the situation. My boys came through it just fine and so did I, though that's why we're not having any more.

I was induced both times, but not as early as 36 weeks.

I'll be keeping her in my thoughts.