Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow's on the way!

So we are supposed to be getting a big snow storm today. They're thinking we'll get about a foot of snow tonight. About a month ago, it snowed 16 inches! To see some pics go here.

Last time we weren't really prepared. It usually doesn't snow that much here. Everybody we knew lost power. Most of them for a whole week. My SIL was melting snow to rinse out baby bottles! It was sooo bad. Luckily out power never went out so we just enjoyed playing in the snow. Gavin and hubby tried to go sledding down a big hill in the front yard but since we usually don't get enough snow to sled in, we have never bothered buying one. They tried sledding on a big lid off one of those huge Christmas tubs that you put decorations and stuff in. Needless to say, it didn't work!

So this time we knew it was going to come, the weather guy said that it looked like it was going to be similar to the last storm. I went out yesterday to the store for some groceries (It was packed BTW) and then started my search for a sled. Just so you know, NEVER try to find something like that last minute. It's no fun at all.

I had planned on going to Toys R Us but Kmart was closer so I thought I'd try that first. No luck, they had no winter toys out. They had water guns out already. I headed over to Toys R Us, nope. They had swimming pools but no sleds, or anything else remotely winter like. Next is Lowes, I figure why not? Better just check, no luck. Northern tool? Uh-uh.

Keep in mind I done all this with the groceries in the back of the car. Including milk, cheese, all that good stuff. Gavin was whining because he wanted a sled. I told him we'd go home, put up the food & then call around trying to find one.

We get home & I called Dick's sporting goods. Duh, if anyone would have a sled they would. The lady said they had 2 long ones and a few round ones left but they were going quick. I said well I guess I'd better hurry huh? Then being the awesome customer service person she is offered to hold one of the big ones for me. I wish I'd gotten her name to call her supervisor and compliment her!

So hubby decides he'll go with us and we get there and first just try to find where the sleds are because we really didn't think she would actually hold it for us. Usually places say that and just don't do it. We couldn't find them. We walked up to this girl near the checkout and ask where they are at. She says we're out, they're all gone. So I say I called a little bit ago and she interrupted and said OH, you're the one that wanted the 2 person one aren't you? I said yeah, that was me. She goes behind the counter and pulls out this really awesome looking sled and said, these went so fast, I actually got yelled at because someone saw it behind the counter and wanted it but I told them they couldn't  have it! I thought that was the sweetest thing! She got cussed out by another customer but she still held that sled for me so my boys could have fun in the snow!

I looked at hubby (who didn't think I needed to call) and said aren't you glad I called? He said yeah, I'm really glad you called now. I hadn't been but about an hour from the time I called to the time we got to the store. They were sold out in that short amount of time.

I'm still really annoyed that all the other stores found it necessary to put out SUMMER stuff in the middle of January. They put all the snow stuff up by the time it actually starts snowing. But that doesn't matter now, we got our sled and that's all that matters.


Young Wife said...

Hello! I just found your blog. My husband has Psoriatic Arthritis, too. It is SO annoying that all the winter stuff is gone already. Hope you guys have fun in the snow!