Monday, May 24, 2010

Our newest additon to the family

We have a new addition to the family! It's another boy. I'm so outnumbered here but maybe this will sedate my baby craving!

My cousin gave my mom a kitten he'd gotten from some woman. She told him that she had to take them all to the pound. She had 3 left so he saved one. He took it to my moms and gave it to her and she said she'd give it to Gage for his birthday. My cousin called me to make sure Gage could have it. We'd been thinking about getting one for a couple months anyway so it seemed like the right time.

My cousin did say he was a bit early. Only 4 weeks but he plays like an 8 week old! He follows Gavin and Gage around. It's so cute the way he runs after Gage. He kind of hops instead of running! Neither one of the boys will sit still and hold him. He tries to get in Gavins lap but he's always been afraid of animals so he jumps up and runs but he likes to pet him and give him kisses.

I forgot how hard it is to litterbox train! Saturday night he peed and pooped on me in the bed! He stays in the bathroom now at night.

We have had a hard time coming up with a name for the little guy. We kept asking Gage what kitty's name was and he'd say "KITTY!" Gavin said William once because that's what he named his teddy bear he sleeps with. I love the name Oliver but that's a name I picked out when I finally get my dream dog. An English Bulldog. Isn't that cute? A bulldog named Oliver!? Haven't gotten Hubby on board though. Most of those are between $500 and $2,000.

So last night, we asked the boys again what they wanted to name him and out of the blue, Gavin came up with (I have no idea how to spell this!)... Ogberd, Ogbourd, Ogburd, well, anyhow he says it Og-Bird. (If you know of a good way to spell it let me know!) As soon as he said it, Gage said, Ogberd, Ogberd. Hubby looked at me with raised eyebrows and said 'I... guess that's it' Gavin said 'Well, Ogberd it is!' Hubby said 'Ok, Ogberd it is.' I was kind of speechless the entire time but both boys like it so poor kitty is Ogberd now. Where did he get that name??? It was so random! But we said they could choose and that's what they chose... poor poor kitty!

Anyway so introducing Ogberd, Ogbird, Ogbyrd.... whatever his name is...


Miranda said...

Um, I have heard crazier names, but I would say it would be Ogberd. Just please, don't ever take him to a grooming salon and expect them to know how to spell it. If you need me to grind his nails down so he doesn't scratch up your floor, let me know. I got a grinder. And it isn't one of those stupid PetiPaws things. Those are a piece of junk!!!