Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pictures over the past 4 years

My sweet little Gavin, you've grown up so fast. You make me laugh more than anyone else can. You are the smartest, most energetic, talkative little guy I know. I love you so much bubba, I hope you always know that.

I set this post to automatically post at 9:24 AM on May 9th, 2010. That means exactly 4 years ago you came into this world and made me a mommy. It just so happens that today is also Mothers Day. I can't think of any better Mothers Day gift than celebrating my wonderful boys 4th birthday!
Here are some of my favorite pictures of you over the past 4 years:

Going home from the hospital

One of my all time favorite pictures! You were 10 days old

My chubby cheeks!
Pretty please mommy?

Your great aunt made you those blankets and hat!
(she cried when I gave her this picture!)

1st Christmas

My lil dude

1st Birthday

I love that face!
What a face, I love it!

At your 2nd Birthday party

Easter 2009

Mama's little cowboy
What a goof!

My sweet little mamas boy is growing up.


Rebecca said...

Great pics! Loved all that hair when he was little, but the haircut turned him into such a little man :)

Jenn said...

Just look at those curls on his first birthday!