Monday, June 28, 2010

Castles & Crowns 20% discount

The owner of Harrisons Halloween 100% cotton baby costumes, Tricia, is offering my readers 20% off ANYTHING in her store! Her website is Just take a look at some of the adorable things she has:

My boys would LOVE these superhero capes

How freakin' cute is this? This is one of her own brand :) 

This headband is beautiful. Could be used for dress-up or weddings. 
And it's only $3.99! 

These hair clips are great. I think I might actually buy some for myself and my nieces!
Oh, and did I mention they cost only a dollar? Yeah, better go get some fast!
The tutus are adorable! I so wish I had a girl to dress up in these! 
And they're very well priced at around $20

These are just some of my favorites from the store. If you love these or anything else, enter code sillyboys20 at checkout. Also, if you sell online, you can get a special below wholesale price on the Harrisons Halloween costumes which retails for $29.99 for only $4.50! For more info, visit Harrisons Halloween costumes blog.