Monday, June 7, 2010

Please help the Emerson family get on Extreme Makeover Home Edition

There is a family that lives in my area that are truly the most deserving of a new house than anyone I could think of. Everyone is trying to get them on Extreme Makeover Home Edition. We could really use your help. Whether you know them or not, this family has been through so much. I wish all of you had the opportunity to meet Amber. She is so wonderful, sweet and inspiring. Here is her story from their facebook page:

ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is casting for deserving families in North Carolina and the Emerson Family, of Madison County, is the right family to win this! With a family of four and several animals - space is not the only factor in their eligibility to deserve a new home! Among the four is a beautiful eight year old girl, who is an inspiration to all for her survival story. At only the age of 10 months, she was in a freak accident causing over 90% to be burned, scarred, and graphed. She is among the youngest and most severe burn survivors, to this day, worldwide. Three years post burn, one of her primary caregivers, her father Dave was diagnosed with stage one emphysema and while still knowing that wasn't all - he was also diagnosed with Muscular Sclerosis a year later. This family has pulled and stuck together, stayed strong in their faith, and maintained a so called "normal" life. With those two personal stories, there are also several material reasons they are more than deserving of a new home! Amber has prosthetic legs, a power wheel chair, and a manual wheel chair and as residents of NC we all know the land is all but flat in our region. Mobility for the two has been affected greatly due to the uneven terrain, steps, and doorways. Also, unfinished ramps and walkways. There are many modifications that are not only necessary, but are left incomplete due to lack of time, funds, and physical energy. We created this group to ask for your help (to be nominated), your support, and your prayers. If you would like, please feel free to add personal stories of your encounters with the Emerson family - and also any reasons you think they should receive the home makeover as well. 

Amber and her sister Grace
Her family does SO much to give her a normal, happy life. She was in my niece's dance class several years ago and to see her in her wheelchair up on that stage dancing and smiling was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! I know almost all of my followers don't know this family, but I wish you did! Please go check out their facebook page and see for yourself why they need this. There are pictures of the house on there that shows the need they have and there's also pictures of beautiful little Amber on there as well. Please help if you will.
We need as many people as possible to help get Extreme Makeover's attention. You can send an email to, Post why you think the Emerson's deserve this makeover on the Extreme Makeover, home edition's facebook page and there are also some posts on the discussions page of the page too.