Thursday, March 17, 2011

Date night!

Me and hubby have a date night planned for this weekend. I'm so excited because it's been forever since we've been alone. Together. For a whole day. (I can't even remember what that's like!)  BUT today he had the nerve to suggest that since it's going to be warm this weekend that we keep the kids at home and work outside. I DON'T THINK SO! We never get time alone so kids are going to mamaws, I'm buying a new pair of shoes, we're going hiking (hopefully the somewhere on the parkway but anwhere will do as long as we're outside) and then to a movie and dinner. I stay at home and work everyday. NOT doing it this weekend. The yard can wait till next weekend. I promise.

And yes, I'm buying a brand new pair of shoes just to get dirty hiking in them. I don't own a pair of good walking shoes anymore. My shoe collection consists of super cute boots, heels, and the good ole flip flops. May need to buy 2 pair then :) I'll use any excuse to buy shoes. Wouldn't you? I think so.