Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My car is still dirty

It's sooo warm today. 74 to be exact so I thought I would take the boys outside while I cleaned out my car. Well I tried cleaning the car anyway. That counts for something right? Heh.

Within the first 20 min I had to pump up the tires on 2 bicycles, the boys fought over the bicycles. Gage cried. He wrecked one of them. Cried. He fell over something (i dont know what), hurt his finger. Cried. Walked right into the open car door. Cried. Fell out of a chair trying to climb a tree. Guess what? He cried. I gave up & we fed the fish instead. Now he's asleep :)

I did get a few pictures before he got mad at me because I wouldn't let him fill up a bucket with pond water so he threw said bucket INTO the pond. That was fun trying to fish it back out. Oh and I haven't seen the duck in about a week guess he found a girlfriend and flew the coop. Or he got eaten like the last one :(

Here's the pictures I got along with a few from yesterday. Happy Spring to you all!

Aww they're friends

Who knew turtles love cat food? Lol!

Our tiny fishies (blue gill I think?)

Catfish anyone? Never thought about catching one to eat.
Hmm... nah they're huge but I'm not sure how they'd taste

The kids love it when they do that!


Miranda said...

Funny thing is that you threw cat food which is full of fish products (I won't say which parts!) into the pond with fish so that the fish would eat it! Would that be considered cannibalism? hmm...something to think about!