Thursday, May 5, 2011

Gummibar La La Love to Dance review

The boys and I recently had the opportunity to review the Gummibar La La Love to Dance CD. You may have seen the Youtube video. If not I'll warn you now: It's addictive. I watched it 7 times in a row and sang it for a week afterward. Enjoy!

The only thing that kind of disturbs me about the video is the little green gummy bear shaking his jiggly butt with his crack showing but of course my boys thought it was hilarious so it could've been worse!

We happened to get the CD in the mail on a day that my 9yo niece was staying the night so she was very excited to help us review it. All of the songs were very cute and catchy. Gavin made us listen to it over and over and they all had a great time dancing to all the songs.

My nieces favorite was "Cotton eye Joe". She also told me to write "I liked it. It was very good!" So there ya go, no more needs to be said haha.

If you want to check out the songs, you can listen to them at You can buy DVD's, CD's, or download songs individually. I personally would love to get one of the ringtones!

Disclaimer: I received this product for review. The opinions and views are solely my own. (Well and my kids!)