Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Birthday Portraits

I took the boys to have their birthday pictures done today. We got some really cute poses, I wanted a few more of different backgrounds but I couldn't get the photographer to do anything. She was very nice I guess but she pretty much refused to work much with them. Where I usually take them, the woman will work with them all day and the kids love her but this time I thought I'd try somewhere different just to get a different look. I'm just a tad disappointed. The pics look great but after shelling out $180 bucks, I'd kinda like to get the poses I really want.

The appointment was for 10am but we didn't get in until about 10:05 because they were late opening up the mall. We were the ONLY people in the studio and she kept talking about how she was glad that her 11 o'clock canceled. I was thinking we'd been in there forever so when I got back out to the car (now, this was after taking pictures, picking out what I wanted, burning the CD, paying and all that) I was surprised to see that it was only 10:42. I believe next time I'll just stick with the studio I'm used to. This one was a lot higher, price wise. The usual one is so much cheaper and they take more pictures, they actually leave the collages on the CD so I can reprint them. This place went through and deleted them so I couldn't print any extras. I've learned an important lesson today folks... More expensive DOES NOT mean better quality. Don't get me wrong I really love the pictures I got but I just expected more from this place. That's all.

Anyway now that I'm done with my ranting, here's my sweet lil' boys pictures. I LOVE the fishing ones! (My idea thank you. I even brought my own fishing poles!)

My fave! I got a 10x13 of this one

and another 10x13 of this one

and another 10x13 of this one too! 
I'm going to put all 3 up in the library

I know some of these show some black around the bottom. The prints I'm getting do not have this on them it's just when they burn them to the CD, they put them on there as they were taken. I haven't cropped it out yet.

Overall I'm pretty happy, but I just wanted like one of each standing by themselves in each outfit and a couple different poses and some different backgrounds. It was actually a good price for all the sheets I got plus 3 10x13's, 2 collages and a CD, I just wish there was a few more poses. I like variety!


Miranda said...

I LOVE IT!!! You are so going to have to save me one or two of those!