Sunday, April 18, 2010

Haircuts are torture

What is it about haircuts that little boys hate? We're taking them on Tuesday to have their birthday portraits done and they need haircuts. Like desperately. I always do it by myself. Let me tell you, it's not easy. I usually end up just having to shave it all off and the clippers we had were so dull it took forever and they screamed the entire time.

Today hubby and I decided to just take the scissors and trim around the ears and back. Oh. My. Goodness. You would've thought we were chopping off their little fingers! And all it was was a trim! Both of them cried, wouldn't sit still and it turned out awful. I did Gavins by myself and one side looked good but on the other side, I totally messed up his sideburns. So I had to go back to the left side and try to even it up. Hubby did Gages while I held him and he did the same exact thing! So we decided we'd just have to use the clippers and pretty much just shave their heads.

We got the clippers out and they would not cut. At all. Thankfully we live very close to a Kmart so hubby ran out and bought a new pair. They are awesome! The old ones only had 3 guards on it and the longest was half an inch long. Which still makes them look almost bald. This new set has 8 on it. And it cuts so good. I thought, OK, this is going to be a breeze now... Nope.

Hubby started with Gavin and used the size 6 on him which looked great. It's not too short that makes him bald and it's not so long that he'll have cow licks all over it in the morning.

He cried, wouldn't sit still. Kept pulling away. Then on to Gage. I had to physically hold him down to get his done. He screamed like we were torturing him. Let me tell you, he was MAD! He's always been a temperamental little guy but this was extreme! What started out as a tiny trim turned out to be WWIII. We'd take them somewhere to have it done but they're so bad, once we took them there they'd never be allowed back in!

Hubby did both haircuts and they both look really good. That's the first time he's ever done it. He did a great job so I guess he's the one that's gonna do it from now on. I was thinking he did a much better job than I ever have but then I realized, I've always done it all by myself. With no help whatsoever. When he done it, I was there sitting in the floor holding the kids down, getting itchy hair all over me and in my mouth. So of course he done better than me! But I'm not going to tell him that! I want him to do it from now on.


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