Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hoping to have a Big Birthday Bash

So next month my boys will be turning 2 and 4. I should've started this earlier but I've been so busy and it completely slipped my mind.

I see that a lot of the mom bloggers throw big birthday bashes on their blogs for their kids with giveaways and all that. I'd really LOVE to do one to celebrate the boys' birthdays. Their birthdays are only 12 days apart so I want to to it the whole 12 days between their birthdays.

The problem is, I've waited so long to try to get sponsors and I'm not real sure how to go about doing it! I've done a few reviews and giveaways and they were so much fun but this will take quite a few sponsors to make it a good one.

If you are a sponsor, I'd be so grateful if you'd sponsor my boys' birthday bash. Shoot me an email if you're interested!

If you have any ideas of how to get sponsored or tips of how to go about this whole process, I'd really like to hear from you! I need all the help I can get. Leave me a comment or email me any tips or ideas please!

Since we have moved into a bigger house, I'm throwing the boys big birthday parties here too. Before, our house was always too small to fit everyone in it! We always just did it at my moms with only our immediate family.  Now, we're having big cook-outs and inviting lots of people. We just built a fence to keep the kids out of the pond and starting to build a big playground so all the kids will have a blast at the parties! Gavin and my nephew want to go fishing so we're going to have to get some fishing poles! I wonder how hard it would be to get a boat? Like a row boat or something? Eh, I guess they'll just have to sit on the dock.

I also wanted to just combine them and do one huge party for both boys but it seemed a bit unfair to do that way right now. Maybe when they're older. Gavin's is first and if I do one party in the middle, he'll have to wait about a week for his party. Then Gage's will be too early and then when his actual birthday comes around, he won't know it because he would have already gotten all his presents. They probably wouldn't care either way but I would :)


Miranda said...

let me know what I can do to help you! I am always here!