Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

I hope everyone is having a great Easter! As for us, we're stuck here at home :( Gavin is too sick to go anywhere.

In the past couple weeks, all my nieces and my nephew have had this thing where they ran pretty high fevers for up to 5 days with a terrible cough. One of my nieces ran one for 5 days and it got up to over 104 degrees. The Dr. told her that it was some virus thing and it'd stick around for about 7 days. Another one of my nieces had the same symptoms and was taken to a different Dr. (the one I take my kids to) and it turns out that she has walking pneumonia. Anyway, Gage had something the other day & had the same cough and a fever of 102.5 but it only lasted 2 days. Now Gavin came down with it on Friday morning and still has it. I'm not sure if Gage's might have been teeth or if he just wasn't as affected as bad as the others. He is getting in his 2 yr molars right now.

Yesterday we were supposed to go to a dinner at my hubbys family's but since Gavin was sick, I stayed home with him and he took Gage. Afterward, they came over to see him for awhile. This morning, I was hoping he was over it so we could go to Church and then to my moms for dinner and an egg hunt. But no such luck. I was up every 2 hrs last night checking on him and waking him up to give him medicine and wet him down with a washcloth. He started puking again around 6am.

So we're stuck at home today with 4 dozen eggs and a sick child. Why so many you ask? Well, I had to buy 2 dozen plastic eggs and fill them with prizes and candy for the little egg hunt they do right after Church and then we dyed 2 dozen real eggs for my moms house. I guess if his medicine kicks in here in a bit we might head outside and just do it here. It's not looking good though. It's one o'clock, Gavins fever just came back up and Gage is needing a nap. He's throwing a temper tantrum right now and just came in here and pinched me on the arm with both hands! Ahhhh, cranky sick babies are tough! Anyway, I'll just sit here and reflect on the real reason for Easter and enjoy my family :)

Happy Easter!