Monday, July 27, 2009

Body after Baby

Well I didn't lose any weight after week 2 of Body after Baby challenge. Actually I gained a pound! I'm at 126.5lbs now. I didn't do to bad though. I mean I didn't go completely of the diet. I really wanted to cheat on Saturday when me and my hubby went out for our anniversary but after a pretty tough hike I was exhausted and hot so when we went out to eat, I didn't eat much at all! Last night though I don't know what happened. I made some chicken stir-fry - not bad. After Gage went to bed Gavin wanted some chips and dip & I knew I shouldn't but I layed into it man. I felt so guilty afterwards! But it was awesome while I was eating it!

I'm back on track for week 3 though.
I had some fruit for breakfast and veggies for lunch

My husband did ask for spaghetti for dinner so I'm going to make it for him but I'll load up on a salad first so I don't eat a lot of it. I'm feeling confident that I'll do good this week. Good luck mamas and daddies! Keep on truckin', it's worth it!