Friday, July 10, 2009

Books and Bugs


Yesterday Gage found one of his books (Thomas' ABC book). He brought it to me and said "This" wanting me to read it so I did... 5 times! Every time I would put him down he would bring it back to me and say "this book". He pointed at Thomas and said "choo choo". This morning he was still carrying it around and he would point to the pictures and act like he was reading it. The only words I understood was "bookie, bookie, bookie" but he obviously knew what he was saying! This is the first thing I've ever seen him get attached to. He's never had a certain blanket or toy he's attached to. I've even tried to get him to read another book but he won't have it! Its Thomas' ABC Book or meltdown. I'd prefer Thomas' ABC book myself! I just hope he doesn't rip it because it's all paper and not baby proof. ..or drool proof for that matter. He'll probably end up eating it sooner or later!

So today we went out and I bought Gavin a bug playground where you catch bugs and put in it and the see-saw and the wheel in it actually turn when you turn this thing on the outside. It's really cute!!! (Gage got a plush Mickey Mouse BTW). When we got home and Gage took a nap, Me and Gavin went outside to catch bugs. Well I caught bugs and Gavin watched. Anyway, I caught 2 grasshoppers, 2 crickets and an ant. I saw a couple spiders but I refused to let Gavin put them in it ...ew *shivers*. I was a site let me tell you. Those grasshoppers are quick little guys. I was jumping around on my knees trying to get 'em! For any neighbor who saw me I'm sure I looked completely ridiculous! We brought them in the house and I was putting some grass in it when one of the grasshoppers jumped out!!! I thought ohhh nooo not again. So here I go trying to catch the stupid thing all over again, then get it back in there without the rest of them getting out. I did get it eventually and tied a string around the top so Gavin couldn't open it & let all of them out. Man that would be fun!