Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Body After Baby Challenge

Samantha at Mamanotes.com has started another Body after Baby Challenge and I figured since the last one kept me motivated and helped me lose a few pounds I might as well join this one! At the end of the last challenge I lost 6.5 pounds which was great but I really wanted to lose my baby tummy and didn't really lose much of that. I went haywire after the last one and gained 4 of the pounds back! I've had a lot of stress this past weekend and havent been able to eat anything. It's not healthy but I lost most of the weight again! Right now I weigh 123 lbs. My goals are still the same, the number of pounds doesn't matter much to me, I just want to tone up and keep working off this belly.

This challenge has mini challenges every week for extra motivation and it makes it a little more exciting. This weeks challenge is to see how many glasses of water I can drink during the week. This is a really great challenge for me because I have a hard time drinking enough water. Maybe if I can make it a habit this week to drink lots of water, I'll keep it up throughout the rest of the challenge. This is a great one for the first weeks mini challenge.

The winner of the mini challenges gets some sort of prize and the winner at the end is chosen by whoever gets the most votes as the most improved. I think this is a great idea and Samantha, you are genius!!! I'm so excited to get started again. The challenge actually started on Sunday but I've been so stressed and worn out, I haven't really started trying too hard yet but everything is working itself out and getting better so I'll be able to concentrate on my goals a little more now.

Here's my before picture, I finally found time to take it! I have actually lost quite a bit of weight before I took this picture. It was after I had lost all the weight I'd gained back since the last challenge so I'm pretty much back to where I was when the last one ended.

Forgive my wild hair and tired eyes! I was so stressed out and exhausted Sunday night when I took this
you're lucky I got a picture at all! I took it at about 11:30 at night and I was actually still wearing the
same skirt I wore to Church that morning. I was just too tired to change it :)

If you want to check out how I did on the last challenge you can read all my posts here