Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wordless Wednesday (well not completely wordless but..)

Heres some pictures from when we took the boys to see some dear friends of my husband and his mom. They are wonderful people that live about an hour away and we haven't seen them since I was pregnant with Gavin. They didn't even know we had another baby!They wanted to meet the kids so we went down there and rode on the golfcarts and enjoyed their awesome house and property. I want to go live with them I love it so much down there!

See the 2 deer?

This was awesome! I can't belive I got a picture of it :)


Chef Eureka said...

Ahhh, those are some cute boys! Thanks for sharing. Happy W/W

Kirsten said...

Happy WW. It's hard to leave the words out. What super pictures of the boys and the deer?