Tuesday, September 15, 2009

bumGenius 3.0 Review

When I was considering switching to cloth diapers a little over a month ago, I did a little research. I talked to the other cloth diapering mamas out there, checked out Kellys Closet because of their great selection of cloth diapers and decided to go with the one-size bumGenius 3.0. I had heard great things about it so I decided to give it a try. I only bought 1 to try because I still wasn't 100% sure I would completely switch over to cloth.

When I got that wonderful little package in the mail, opened it and saw the cutest little blue diaper in there, I knew I was hooked even before I put it on him! I couldn't wait for it to come out of the wash to put it on him.

I was so surprised at how well it fit. It was very snug all over and it seemed to fit him perfectly. I had no problems whatsoever.
He must have really liked it too because within 30 minutes of wearing it, he pooped! I took that as a good sign! I was thinking 'oh, gross. This is going to be awful.' But it wasn't at all. I just shook it out in the toilet and that was that. I haven't had any problems in the month and a half I've used it.
I have now tried 5 different brands and the BG fits him better than any of the others. I have yet to have a single leak. It looks exactly like it did when I got it. The material it's made of is fantastic! I have other diapers that have gotten a little nappy but the BG is still in great condition.
I actually reach for this one last in my stash despite the perfect fit and no leaks because of the velcro tabs. As much as I love them for the snug fit, my almost 16 month old will not keep it on. I've even used it under his clothes and he can still undo it through his pants. That is the only reason I haven't bought anymore of them. I'm actually glad I decided to only buy 1 to try because unless he grows out of wanting to take it off, I can only use it every now and then.
I really hope bumGenius will eventually make snaps for older babies! I would buy a bunch if they did! I would also like to see a few more colors. The colors they have are really cute. The one I have is Twilight and I love that color blue but I'd like to see maybe some bolder colors like orange, red, black, brown... Anyway, it's just a suggestion! :)
All in all, I give my Twilight, one-size, bumGenius 3.0 a 9 out of 10.