Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bumbleride Indie Twin stroller Giveaway!

There is an awesome giveaway going on at that I really, REALLY want to win! I need the Bumbleride Indie Twin stroller for my 2 little guys! It is so hard for me to go anywhere because Gavin is so hyper and friendly he goes right up to strangers and talks to them. I've tried to have the stranger 'talk' with him but it hasn't sunk in yet. He even got away from me one time in the parking lot of Target and tried to get in some womans van with her because she had little girls with her. He scares me to death! So I really want and need a this stroller. I actually asked for one for my birthday this year but my husband told me I had to pick something for me, not the kids. Well it would be for me and my sanity but I didn't get it so I'm hoping to win one now!

If you want to enter to win it, go here. But hurry because the giveaway ends tonight (9/30) at mignight.