Thursday, September 3, 2009

The things I did and didn't expect about pregnancy

Due: February 17th 2010
16 weeks 1 day pregnant

Hi guys my name is Sarah, and I am pregnant with my first child. My Fiancé has a son that will be 6 in December, just before this baby is born. I have been in his life since he was 3yrs old, and love him as if he were my own. By request of my very best friend in the world I’m going to write my first blog post about my pregnancy. I have decided to title it: The things I did and didn’t expect about pregnancy, as I have discovered that along with the beauty of it all, there are some untold secrets they don’t let you in on before the miracle of birth.

The things I did, and didn’t expect about pregnancy

I did expect: that I would get a cute little belly, and as all pregnant women I would glow, with all the radiance of a perfect rose glistening in the morning sunrise

I didn’t expect: that I would get that belly very early, and feel that soon I will no longer be able to see my already swelling feet. And that radiant glow is more like the dull shimmer of the sweat it takes to muster the energy, to throw on a pair of sweats and the most stretchy thing you can find even if it comes form your fiancé’s side of the closet (it’s very attractive I must say ahem)

I did expect: that the first time I felt my baby kick would be the most amazing thing that had ever happened to me

I didn’t expect: to have anything bad to say about it, and I don’t! Every kick is absolutely awesome in every way, and the only thing I can complain about is that I can never feel it often enough (I’m told that later when it is a jab to the ribs I may change my mind on the subject)

I did expect: that considering I was so happy to be pregnant, and that all things around me finally felt complete (in a total metaphoric way considering I have so much to do over the next few months AAHHHH!)
That all the rainbows, bunnies, hugs, and kisses of pregnancy would flow from me, and everyone around me would notice the sweetness of my being…

I didn’t expect: that I would be a raging ball of hormones that would scream obscenities, out my car windows to the likes of which would scar small children and most adults, if your stupidity behind the wheel comes in close vicinity to me (because now you are endangering my child grrrrrr) Or perhaps the rude old lady in the wheel chair behind me at the pharmacy, when I’m trying to get medicine for my ailing fiancés toothache (I don’t want to wait in line either lady CHILL) My fiancé unfortunately has taken quite a bit of it I’m afraid, for one minute I’m giving him the silent treatment because he forgot to take out the trash and, the next I’m sobbing because I “hurt his feelings” which I think for the most part he doesn’t ever really notice he was getting the silent treatment to begin with and now is even more confused as to why I am crying

I did expect: to dream of my child’s future as a dancer on Broadway or the next star soccer player, regardless of what you choose my darling baby mommy will love you, and be your biggest fan

I didn’t expect: to have dreams of my child being born with adult size teeth, or giving birth to a talking 4 yr old hormones cause some strange things to happen while your sleeping, and you get to have multiple dreams while your getting up 5 times a night to pee

I did expect: body changes, some of which I’m quite found of as I just this week bought a bra a cup size larger than I have ever worn, YAY me!

I didn’t expect: the pregnancy gas! Where does that much wind come from, and don’t even try to blame it on the dog (my fiancé was like please honey that little dog did NOT do that) sorry honey! I should have remembered this from my best friends pregnancy, I gave her one accidental courtesy sniff when she was preggo WOW now I understand where it all came from

This is what I have noticed so far, and all being said I love every second of it! I find out what I’m having in 18 days more should follow after that.