Monday, September 14, 2009

Fruit Dip

For this Tasty Tuesday, I'm posting a recipe my friend taught me. She called it 'better than sex cream', but I just call it really awesome Fruit Dip ;)
This is so simple you're not going to belive it!It's so good I've actually been known to just scoop it up with a finger and eat it!

What you'll need:

1 package cream cheese, softened (brand doesn't matter)

1 jar of Marshmellow Fluff

Strawberries (or any kind of fruit you want)

How to make it:
Just whip the cream cheese and Marshmellow Fluff together until smooth.
I use the mixer but I have done it by hand with a fork too!
It's best after you refridgerate it for awhile but I never make it!
It's so good I usually just dig right in. Which is fine too!

Strawberries are the best to eat it with but it's awesome with
grapes, apples, peaches, whatever kind of fruit you like
My mom sometimes uses strawberry flavored
cream cheese. It doesn't change the taste all
that much but it does make a pretty pink color!

If you make this recipe, I take no responsibility if you

-eat this with your fingers,

-accidently bite your fingers while licking the dip off them,

-become addicted to this dip and feel the need to eat it everyday,

-actually think this is better than sex (it does come awful close!),

-any weight gain you might have while eating an entire bowl at 1 sitting,

-any marital problems that might occur from not sharing this with your spouse,

-any children that might be concieved from sharing this with your spouse,

-I can't think of anything else but I just want to say,

You have been hearby warned of the effects of this yummilicious dish!


Be sure to leave your link to your Tasty Tuesday or tasty recipes below. I'd love to try them! If you know this recipe, and would like to add anything to it, please feel free to comment your add ins or versions of this recipe. Thanks!