Monday, August 3, 2009

Body after Baby challenge week 3

I did better this week on the body after baby, fit by labor day challenge. Last week I gained a pound. This week I lost a 1.5 lbs so I now weigh 125 lbs for a total of 4 pounds. Not so bad I guess. The only problem is I really don't care about the number of pounds I lose... I just want rid of the awful baby belly. And that is still stubbornly hangin' on there! There are times when I look pregnant. I've actually had people in my church ask me if I was pregnant again! Very awkward not to mention embarrassing! For both me and the person that asked! I just smile and say 'nope, it's just fat.' You should see the look on their faces!!! They say ' didn't, I mean...' It's actually quite amusing ;). Anyway I'm eating pretty well, I am cheating occasionally (who doesn't?) But overall not doing too bad.
My problem is finding the time to workout. I have been turning on some music and letting Gavin tell me what to do. We do jumping jacks, running around, lying down and getting back up like 5 times in a row, jump around like a bunny... I could go on forever! It's quite the workout though! I can only go 15-20 minutes and I'm exhausted and he's saying 'get up mommy, lets exercise.' I'm gasping for breath saying 'no honey, mommy'll watch you for a minute.' It' sad I know. I am sooo out of shape!
I have decided to go out to my moms house twice a week and walk with my sister. It's a rural area and if we walk from my moms house to a church down the road and back, it's 3 miles, mostly uphill. And I'll continue to dance/workout with my boys not only because it's an awesome workout, but because it's fun and they like it!
I've only got 5 weeks to get my butt into gear and get this baby gut off me! They've been worth it don't get me wrong but it's been a year already. It's time to get my body back. The one my husband fell in love with (not that he doesn't love this body but the other one was sexier!) So wish me luck and I send luck and love to all the other great moms and dads doing the challenge with me.