Friday, August 21, 2009

Gavins Dr. Visit

Gavin has been complaining that his 'pee pee hurts when he goes potty'. He's been wincing when he pees since last night. I called the Dr. last night which, since it was after-hours, I had to talk to the phone nurse and she just dismissed it saying that it was rare for boys to get UTI's and to wait till morning.

I did and he still said it hurts so I called them back this morning at 9:40am. The morning phone nurse said she needed to see him ASAP and could I be there at 10:15am? I said if I leave now I can. I still had to get Gavin dressed and wake Hubs up to watch Gage. (Which, BTW he was not thrilled to do as he'd only been in for an hour and a half.)

I left the house at 9:50 thinking I can still make it. As soon as I get out of the driveway I hear some cracking,scraping, and popping coming from under my car. I thought 'Oh this is just lovely.' I pull over at a gas station and look under my car fully expecting to see a cat or something hung up underneath my car. Thankfully there wasn't. I said I've gotta get to the doctor on time so I get back on the road and it does it worse. I have to turn around and go back home. I opened the car door to get Gavin out and found that he'd ALREADY peed in his pants (another symptom I was worried about and taking him to the dr. for). I had some more undies and shorts in the car so I changed him right there in the driveway & ran inside to tell my husband that my car is being a turd and to get his car keys. I had to get put a car seat in hubby's car so I had to use Gages (Gavins was soaked with pee). Thankfully Gage is a chunk so the straps are on the same setting.

This is the first time I've driven my hubby's car. I really didn't want to. It's a 90 something Blazer w/ 165,000 miles on it with no rear view mirror. He had the steering wheel adjusted to where it was like driving a school bus. Don't ask me why! I didn't have time to change it so I just suffered through it.

We left this time at 10:05. Yes I was able to do all that in 15 minutes! Including the stop at the gas station checking for small animals under my car!

We booked it to the Dr. (well as fast as the green beast would let me) and still made it there at 10:22! I can now call myself supermom! I was still a little late but the nurse said if I was a few minutes late that would be ok!

We got in there and of course still had to wait 10 min. Which isn't nearly as bad as usual. The boys' doctor is wonderful but unfortunately everyone else thinks so too! They're almost always packed.

Gavin couldn't wait until the nurse called him to do a urine sample. He had to go right then! I had to go ask the receptionist for a cup, which she gladly gave and I figure that probably even saved us a few minutes. He nearly overflowed the cup and peed on my hand. Oh the joys of motherhood! We cleaned up and headed back to the waiting room.

Since it was a last minute appointment we couldn't see the doctor so we had to see the nurse practitioner, who was very nice and wonderful! She did all the weighing and temp. checking and sent us back to the room.

When she came back in, she said that he did have a little bit of blood in his urine but no sign of an infection for me not to worry. She said that him being a little boy, he probably yanked on it a little too hard and possibly busted a blood vessel. That could be the reason it hurts when he pees, she said that it's kind of the same as when you get a scratch and pour alcohol on it and it stings. She told me to tell him not to be so rough on it! That he's just a boy and it's normal for him to play with it. She actually said that to him 'It's just like that car he's playing with, it's a toy for him.' Yes she said that!!! I'm sure I my face was red the entire time!

Anyway the nurse said that she would run culture on it just in case and call me this weekend if it turns up something else. I was really worried about him having a UTI and turns out he's just been playing with it too much!

After we got home and I told hubby what the nurse said, he looked at Gavin and said 'Son be careful with that thing, it's not as tough as you think.' Oh my boys. Sigh.

I hope to God that Gavin never knows about this post. If he only knew the things I tell hundreds of people... he'd hate me forever! ;)

Oh BTW, hubs took Gage for a ride in my car and it popped a couple times then stopped after they backed out of the driveway. He said it was probably just my e-brake was locked up, even though the light wasn't on. I checked. So all is well. We've had a worrisome day for no reason.

We got home and waited for Gage to wake up to go to the grocery store. Only spent $50... WOW! It's usually never under a hundred. We were checking out and Gavin told the man at the register that 'My mommy's gonna have a baby', to which I replied (a little too quickly and loudly) ' Oh no I'm not!' The poor guy couldn't ring up the groceries for laughing so hard. He was still laughing at my children as I was pushing the buggy out of the store. I'll say it again, Oh my boys...


Jabulani said...

Sometimes I wonder why God sends us days where we feel like we're climbing Everest on the slippery side. But then - usually at the end of the day when I'm ratty, frustrated and generally feeling blegh, I realise it's because He says his grace is sufficient for us. And also tells us we should give all our cares to him.
I just don't do that enough during daylight hours!!! I also forget the "Come to me all who are weary and I will give you rest".
I guess I need to work on my memory... :)