Saturday, August 1, 2009

My cloth diaper experience

So I've been cloth diapering for 4 days now and I LOVE IT!!! Gage does too. He loves the feel of them. I do have to wash everyday because I still only have 2. I ordered one more when I ordered the other two but it's still not here yet. I am so excited to order more. In fact I just bought two more so I'll have 5 soon. It is so much fun to look at all the different brands and colors! The ones I just bought are light orange and dark red! I have only had 2 leaks. The first one was the day I started and the second was today. Gage is just a heavy pee'er (is that a word?!) so I'm going to have to start doubling the inserts. The first one that leaked is the only one I've gotten that's not one-size and he's at the weight right between medium and large so I got a large. It's a little bit loose in the legs so I always double that one. I can't wait to start cloth diapering full time instead of only getting to do it half a day and then having to go back to disposables. I really thought it was going to be a challenge but I've had no problems so far.

I'll keep posting my experiences as a new cloth diaper user. I'd gladly welcome any advice or pointers about your washing routine, the best brands, types, or whatever else I might need to know. I'm completely clueless here. I'm learning as I go and loving every minute of it!