Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Please Pray...

I want to ask everyone to please pray for my husband and his family. Especially his grandmother. Back in May, his grandpa died. Then today we got a call from his grandma that his aunt died. His Grandma has lost a husband and a daughter in 3 months time. His Grandpa was a preacher but all the daughters wouldn't listen to him and none of them go to church. I pray that all this will come to some good and that God will bless that entire family.

His aunt was only in her forties. I hate to say it but she was my favorite! She had a good sense of humor and she liked to laugh. She's the only one that really talked to me and that I could feel comfortable talking to.

They don't know what happened. The person that was supposed to mow her yard found her today. It's still too soon to know anything else. I just want you guys to pray for them please.