Thursday, August 13, 2009


Me and my sister have started walking every week because I'm doing the body after baby challenge and she just wanted to get in shape too. We usually walk 3 miles down the road at my moms house which is kinda tough because the road we walk on has a lot of hills!

This Tuesday for some crazy reason, we decided to walk in the mountains instead. We started at a logging road right below my moms. We took off at a pretty fast pace and very soon we slowed down, couldn't breath, and looked at each other like 'what were we thinking?' We were walking on a road that 4-wheelers drive on so it wasn't really rugged, it was just steep! We kept having to stop and rest.

We made it to the top though. We decided instead of coming back down the mountain, we'd go around and come down another side of the mountain, making a big circle coming out at the top of the road my mom lives on. Again, we looked at each other like 'Are we really this stupid?' This time however we started out slower. The climb got even steeper than the one before but we eventually made it.

We started back down the mountain at what used to be another logging road but it hadn't been used in a few years. It was just a huge gully that was deeper than we were tall and it was completely covered in briers, trees, and weeds. Me and my dear sis said there was no way we were going to turn back now we'd come too far. So we started down. We had to actually jump into the ditch, dodge briers, poison ivy, and tree branches! (ohhhh we were dumb...) On the bright side, there were some blackberry bushes and I would grab some and eat them while I stumbled down the side of a mountain! It took a long time to make our way through that mess. We finally did... with a few scratches and bruises but we made it! There still was a ways to walk down but it wasn't anywhere near as bad as what we'd already been through.

Also being dumb, we decided last minute to go up the mountain so we didn't tell our mom, who was watching 6 of our kids! Last time we walked down the road, it took us 1 hour and 20 minutes. We got an earful when we got back this time! My mom was thinking it would take as long as it did last time. She said 'What took you so long, you've been gone 3 hours!' She said she was about to load up 6 kids (ages 4, 3, 2 1/2, 20mo, 14mo, and 4mo!) and go looking for us! I thought she'd be proud of us for doing it and my sister said she'd just call us stupid. Guess who was right?! Well at least I'm proud of us :) I told my sis that our husbands wouldn't believe us when we told them what we did. Luckily I have the scars to prove it!