Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My little boy is getting big,

Today I was in desperate need of a shower and usually hubby watches the boys while I take one. Today he is with his Grandmother taking care of funeral arrangements for his aunt. I could've put them both in the shower with me like I sometimes do but they just had a bath last night before bed and I really just didn't want to!

Gage finally took a nap so I figured Gavin's getting old enough to leave him in the living room while I take a quick shower. So I made him some pizza for lunch, put his picnic table in front of the TV and said "now mommy's going to go take a bath. You sit here eat your pizza and watch your cartoons. If you need anything, you come and tell me. Mommy will leave the door open and you can come see me if you want to." He says "OK mom" that's it. Ok mom. Like I've done this a hundred times and he's perfectly cool with it.

And what's with the 'mom'? Not that I mind but I'm usually 'mommy' or 'mama'. Sigh, he's 3 already :( .

Last night he was helping me make a potato salad. He was helping me slice the eggs by putting his hand on the knife and I was putting my hand over top of his. He put the eggs in the pot and the mayo and was stirring it up. (He wouldn't eat it though he's so picky!)

He knows all his letters and most of his numbers. He's even starting to read a couple words! He can count to 5 in spanish. He knows things I didn't think a 3 year old was supposed to know! He says the funniest things too! He tells me "I love you honey!" and "Let me give you a kiss." He loves to tell stories about a boy named Gavin. Usually in the stories, Gavin is either eating popcorn, racing monster trucks, or fighting dragons. I can try to be mad at him and he makes me laugh so I can't stay mad for long. Last week he got into trouble and I was angry with him and he backed away from me, spread his arms wide with that sweet yet sneaky smile on his face and said "Go ahead, laugh. You can laugh at me!" How could I not laugh at that. He knows how to work over 'mom' that's for sure :)

I am saddened by the fact that he's getting older but on the other hand he is getting so much fun! He is such a good helper and a really good big brother. That is when they're not fighting, which is just a brother thing I guess.

It makes me think back to when he was a baby. I had no idea what I was doing but he was my world. I would just hold him and stare at his little face for hours. He was such a good baby. He almost never cried and even then you could barley hear him.

He definitely makes up for that now though! I can't get him to stop talking! It's non-stop he talks from the time his eyes open till the time he passes out at night. He's so hyper!

I love you my sweet little man! No matter how big you get, you'll always be mommy's little boy.


Kim said...

Found you through Twitter Mamas. So glad I did!

This was so my son at that age. He's 9 now and asking if he can stay home alone when I need to run up to the store to pick up just a few things. I'm NOT ready for that yet.

I'm going to follow you on twitter and follow your blog.

Nice to meet you.